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Bowsmith Drip Emitters

For over 40 years, millions of Bowsmith NonStop emitters have demonstrated that the unique NonStop Continuous Self-Cleaning Action (Pressure Cascade Principle) really works, even under conditions that would quickly clog ordinary emitters. With only 30-mesh filtration (recommended minimum), Bowsmith NonStop emitters have operated successfully with water containing heavy concentrations of sand, silt, iron bacteria "slime", calcium carbonates, even algae and moss.

Bowsmith Drip Emitters




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Bowsmith, Inc.

Address: P.O. Box 428
City/State/Zip: Exeter / CA / 93221
Phone: 559-592-9485
FAX: 559-592-2314
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Founded in 1974 Bowsmith Inc is a leading manufacturer of low volume irrigation equipment. The companies product lines include NonStopreg drip emitters Fan-Jetreg microsprinkler Premium Plus tubing and BigFootreg drip tape. Bowsmith is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service and unique products of lasting value. The company is committed to conducting all its business activities in the spirit of fairness and integrity.