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Command Center Mobile

Using a mobile-optimized version of the site, users can also turn stations on and off on CS3000 controllers using their smart phone or tablet. Along with the ability to turn on up to six-valves simultaneously, it provides real-time flow information, details if a mainline break occurs, and real-time weather data if you have an onsite ET Gage, Wind Gage or Tipping Rain Bucket.

Command Center Mobile




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Address: 2075 Corte Del Nogal, Suite P
City/State/Zip: Carlsbad / CA / 92011
Phone: 760-438-0525
FAX: 760-438-2619
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CALSENSE is committed to the success of our customers. For over 23 years we have manufactured state-of-the-art irrigation water labor management systems for large commercial customers. We provide quality products that are flexible easily learned and really used. This technology is innovative and designed to address the needs of our customers with powewrful reporting capabilities to prove it. Calsense provides factory-direct no-charge service.