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Ecolawn Top Dresser

Ecolawn Top Dresser The self-propelled Ecolawn Top Dresser is the ideal multi-purpose applicator for top dressing, as well as compost and organic-matter spreading on existing turf. The Ecolawn Top Dresser is also commonly used to top dress newly seeded areas for optimal germination. Furthermore, it can spread a wide range of products including natural fertilizers, granular lime, as well as sand. The Ecolawn Top Dresser is versatile and easy to operate. It is a valuable and profitable piece of equipment for the lawn care professiona

Ecolawn Top Dresser




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Cantrell Turf Equipment

Address: 3306 Orange Grove Avenue
City/State/Zip: North Highlands / CA / 95660
Phone: 800-445-1994
FAX: 916-481-2304
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Since 1984 Cantrell Turf Equipment has been a distributor of Outdoor power Equipment. We supply top quality lawn and garden equipment to lawn and garden equipment dealers Tractor dealers Hardware stores and Rental Yards. Our territory includes California Nevada and Utah as well as other parts of the US depending on the products we are representing. Cantrell Turf Equipment is a family owned business that was incorporated in California in 1992. Walker Mowers has been a huge part of our business success since the beginning. Today we have added Encore Mowers Ecolawn Applicators EGO Power Products to compliment Walker Mowers. We have been dedicated to Walker Manufacturing since the beginning. We are excited about the future of our industry and we want to be your best distributor.