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Chipper Knives

CEI is a supplier of American-made, Simonds chipper knives. Manufactured to OEM standards with A8 chipper knife steel, Simonds knives balance abrasion resistance, cutting edge retention and impact resistance. A variety of sizes are available. CEI is also a supplier of Greenteeth??, Leonardi? and CEI-branded stump grinder teeth. Phone- 866-865-6499.

Chipper Knives




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CEI Supply

Address: 20195 South Diamond Lake Rd.
City/State/Zip: Rogers / MN / 55374
Phone: 763-425-1167
FAX: 763-424-9528
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Since 1978 CEI has been supplying the tree and landscape market with commercial quality stump grinder teeth pockets and bolts. We use only high grade carbide with superior resistance and hardness for best cutting performance for your treeware needs. You will experience less downtime and greater productivity with our quality stump grinder products. We are a premier supplier of stump grinder teeth chipper knives stumper teeth and more and we stand behind our products and your satisfaction is our goal. If you don39t believe us check out the advantages of the Teeth we supply!