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Bollard Foundation, 2-3/8" OD x 36" Long

Bollard Foundation, 2-3/8" OD x 36" Long, 1/2" thick x 7" square baseplate, variable circle, hardware included

Bollard Foundation, 2-3/8" OD x 36" Long




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CHANCE Foundation Solutions

Address: 210 North Allen St.
City/State/Zip: Centralia / MO / 65240
Phone: 573-682-5521
FAX: 573-682-8714
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Today industry leading earth anchoring brands CHANCE and Atlas Resistance are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial buildings streetlight foundations tower foundations heavy equipment foundations and many other deep foundation applications. Engineered for dependability and long-term stability CHANCE foundation solutions feature exclusive anchoring techniques tools designs and sizes that improve the efficiency and durability of foundation solutions. CHANCE was acquired by Hubbell Power Systems in 1994 and continues the legacy of quality products and innovative solutions in the foundation industry.