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Green Wall Systems 100 Series

The 100 Series is for larger spans and trellis heights. Use for medium to heavy climbers or espaliered fruit trees. Distance from wall 9 cm or 18 cm. Our standard component proven and?tested for 20 years: spacer for optimum?connection quality, fully welded to the?base plate of 5 mm thickness.?The concave curved base plate ensures?optimum load transfer through its?support on the wall or on the support?sleeve in case of thermally insulated?walls.

Green Wall Systems 100 Series



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CityGreen Systems LLC

Address: 5450 West 83rd St.
City/State/Zip: Los Angeles / CA / 90045
Phone: 888-999-3990
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Whilst weve grown in leaps and bounds our vision remains powerfully simple a world where sustainable green space is within reach of every person every day - and natural resources are utilized (not wasted) for the benefit of mankind. Of course we cant do it alone.

Weve collaborated with global research and distribution partners over the last two decades to deliver this technology globally with distribution channels across Australia New Zealand Singapore UK and Europe the USA and Canada and new channels planned in Israel and the United Arab Emirates. We also collaborate with local authorities Landscape Architects Arboriculturalists Civil Engineers and other related professionals to continually improve best practice in green technology implementation.

Together were transforming grey spaces into green - and changing the world. We hope youll join us on the journey.