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Red Bluff Basalt Light

Depending on your specific needs and the type of effect you want to create in your landscape, you can choose from 4-18 watts. Generally, these come with an 11 watt bulb, which produces around an eight foot wide circle of light. Many people have a misapprehension that the maintenance of these is a problem; this is not the case. The bulbs can be easily changed by just rotating the top of the light and popping in the new bulb. A large variation in diameter and height is offered in basalt column lights. You can choose from lights of five to six inches diameter and the height can vary from 12-28 inches. Not only diameter or height, but a great variety is also available in the natural shape of basalt column lights. Coverall Stone, Inc. is an expert in creating innovative basalt column lighting designs for residential and commercial use.

Red Bluff Basalt Light


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We are a full-service stone fabricator specializing in functional and custom stone design. We work closely with architects designers contractors bringing their projects to realization. We also stock a full line of stone fountains pebbles glass stone lights granite paving stone pebble mosaics and more.


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