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Iron Implants

MEDICAP FE Systemic Tree Implants are beneficial for trees where iron deficiencies are difficult to control by foliage or soil feeding. Iron deficiencies are normally associated with calcareous, arid or sandy soil conditions. Trees most susceptible are: Pin Oak, White Oak, Black Locust, Eucalyptus, Birch, Sweet Gum, Liquid Amber, Pine, Magnolia, Dogwood, Podocarpus, Poplar, Catalpa, Citrus, Peach, Pear, Apple, Avocado, and Silver Maple. This treatment provides long-lasting control-usually 2-3 years.
MEDICAP FE is available in three sizes:
"Standard"3/8" diameter for trees with a trunk diameter of 3" or greater.
"Mini" 1/4" diameter for trees with a trunk diameter of 1" to 3".
"SUPER" 1/2" diameter for trees with a trunk diameter of 8" or greater.

Iron Implants



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ACECAP Systemic Insecticide Tree Implants control a broad range of destructive pests of ornamental trees. They provide season-long control with 12 to 18 weeks residual in deciduous tree and up to a year in evergreens.