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Rail-Mount Bike Rack

The CycleSafe Rail-Mount Bike Rack is a portable, multi-bike parking unit that allows for removal of the racks for snow plow or seasonal use. The 6-bike capacity rail-mount bike rack by CycleSafe can be furnished with any combination of classic, vintage, or modern surface-mount racks. The rail-mount bike rack can also function as a bike corral, providing an opportunity to promote bike accessibility to local businesses and to enhance street and neighborhood life. A bike corral transforms a standard parking space or pedestrian walkway with a corral for bikes.

Rail-Mount Bike Rack

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CycleSafe, Inc.

Address: 5211 Cascade Rd. SE, Ste. 210
City/State/Zip: Grand Rapids / MI / 49546
Phone: 616-954-9977
FAX: 616-954-0290
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Secure durable and cost-effective bicycle storage systems include CycleSafe bicycle lockers bike racks and bicycle shelters. Over 30 years in use our green manufacturing processes follow ISO 9000 and 14000 quality and environmental standards with finishes and materials that provide extended product life to complement communities and encourage cycling for healthy sustainable communities.


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