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Davis Colors Card samples

Let our colors bring your project to life. Mix right into concrete for a natural look and permanent hue that withstands, sun, weather, wear and chipping.

Davis Colors Card samples




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Davis Colors

Address: 3700 E. Olympic Blvd.
City/State/Zip: Los Angeles / CA / 90023
Phone: 844-341-4780
FAX: 281-465-6771
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3700 E Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90023 Toll Free 844-341-4780 Fax www.concretepalette.comE-mail Davis Colors are integral color admixtures. They transform ordinary concrete and pavement into structures that stand out and/or blend in naturally. Use colored concrete as a replacement for expensive building materials and finishes or just for its own natural good looks. Davis Colors mix right in so installation is cleaner and easier than topical stains or coatings. They last as long as the concrete for lower maintenance costs over the life of the building. As the leading producer of pigment color for concrete Davis offers the widest spectrum available.Davis Colors also offers a new way to choose a concrete color. The Concrete Palette is the first computer-visualizing software tool that turns custom colors viewed on a computer monitor into colors cast in concrete. Go to for more information.