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Modular Planter System

Our multi-section planters are more cost-effective than the same number of individual planters because they require less material. We can design the planters to use a combination of less expensive standard molded liners, although custom liners are always an option. The planters can ship flat on a pallet, for lower shipping costs, and they typically take 10-15 min per section to assemble. A typical installation of over 400 linear feet of planters in Manhattan was completed in 3 days.

Modular Planter System




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DeepStream Designs, Inc.

Address: 2699 Tigertail Ave. #54
City/State/Zip: Miami / FL / 33133
Phone: 305-857-0466
FAX: 305-854-3218
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Sustainable Design sets our products apart - DeepStream Designs mission is to provide alternative products with a timeless design that are engineered and constructed so that they will endure for generations reducing the impact on the earths resources and providing the lowest cost of ownership over time. We customize our modular planters recycling bins custom fixtures and Anti-Gravity Frame System to your specs using plantation-grown hardwoods recycled plastics and metals recyclable marine-anodized aluminum legs and stainless steel fasteners.