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Micro-Line Dripline

DIG's 1/4" Micro-Line Dripline meets the requirements when it comes to above-grade, under-mulch or below-grade applications. Whether it be used in containers or narrow planting rows, the Micro-Line's unique labyrinth flow in-line emitters ensure a long life of trouble-free operation. The dripper is manufactured with a large filter along the cross section of the dripper to protect the dripper from particles on the bottom of the tubing being able to enter the labyrinth. With these key features, and DIG's commitment to quality, Micro-Line Dripline meets the designer's needs.

Micro-Line Dripline




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DIG Corp.

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City/State/Zip: Vista / CA / 92081
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DIG Corporation based in Vista CA is an innovative manufacturer of micro-irrigation products and alternative powered irrigation controllers for the landscape and turf industries. With over 25 years within the irrigation industry DIG is committed to developing products of the highest quality that continually meet our customers needs and use the earths resources wisely.