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DuraPlay Safety Surface

At DuraPlay, Inc,. we hold the key to reliability, consistency & quality poured in place safety surfaces, every time. We use the best materials offered in the industry. We surface each project using our in-house installation teams with 15 years of experience. We stand behind our work with the longest warranty in the industry. If your project calls for poured in place surfacing, Choose DuraPlay, Choose QUALITY.

DuraPlay Safety Surface




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Duraplay, Inc.

Address: 150 Brownson Lane
City/State/Zip: Driftwood / TX / 78619
Phone: 512-847-2473
FAX: 512-847-9577
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DuraPlay Inc. is a full-service poured-in-place seamless rubber safety surfacing corporation with over 20 years of experience. Involved in the field since the introduction of this progressive safety surfacing DuraPlay continues to add to its thousands of successful installations (over two million square feet) using the best material available along with strategically located experienced installation crews to achieve consistent high-quality product and reliable services. DuraPlay is dedicated to providing quality surfacing for the most competitive prices in the business.