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Hydretain is a blend of hygroscopic humectants that attract and condense soil humidity to form plant usable water droplets in the root zone. Reduce watering requirements, minimize drought stress, increase seed germination and improve transplant establishment.





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Ecologel Solutions LLC

Address: 4060 SE 45th Court
City/State/Zip: Ocala / FL / 34480
Phone: 352-620-2020
FAX: 352-620-0312
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At Ecologel we believe in sustainability without sacrifice. Our mission is to provide the industry with innovative technologies to help you maintain exceptional quality while promoting the responsible management of natural resources. Our product lines include environmentally friendly solutions for water management (Hydretain) plant nutrition (BioPro) biostimulants (CytoGro) pond and lake management (Aqua-T) dust control (Geltrak) and anti-fungal coatings for building materials (Fungishield). These products conserve water safely feed plants build healthy soil systems increase root mass naturally clarify lakes and ponds reduce roadway dust emissions and protect surfaces from the unsightly growth of mold mildew fungus and algae. At our core we are dedicated to being the leader in the field of soil moisture management technologies designed for the conservation of water - our most precious resource. Hydretain Ecologels flagship technology is the only product of its kind that actually captures moisture in the soil that would otherwise be lost to evaporation and passes it to the roots of plants minimizing drought stress and reducing the burden on irrigation. In addition to helping you be a good steward of the environment Hydretain also helps you maintain the highest quality turf and landscapes while saving time money and labor.Ecologel headquartered in Ocala FL is led by entrepreneur and company president Rick Irwin and head agronomist Jim Spindler. The two combine to provide over 50 years of industry experience.