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An organic, living biology, Holganix helps to grow long roots for healthy, thick, green turf that can better withstand disease, drought and insects, and reduce fertilizer inputs. This promotes better nutrient and moisture retention. Holganix comes in both liquid and granular formulas, offering you options to add to your services.





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Ewing Irrigation Products

Address: 3441 E. Harbour Dr.
City/State/Zip: Phoenix / AZ / 85072-71234
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Ewing Irrigation Landscape Supply provides landscape irrigation sports turf and golf course professionals with the supplies they need to create healthy sustainable environments. Founded in 1922 as an irrigation distributor our breadth of products has evolved to include water management solutions agronomic supplies landscape lighting water features hardscape and erosion control. Ewing maintains branch operations in nearly 200 convenient locations from coast to coast and at each branch there is a team of knowledgeable service professionals ready to serve your business needs.