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Fabric Architect Custom Umbrellas

There are hundreds of architectural umbrellas in the market from wooden "market" umbrellas to beautiful collapsible umbrellas made of stainless steel or aluminum to fixed long span steel umbrellas. The beauty of custom architectural umbrellas is that it requires a minimum number of foundations and bases and is easily adaptable. I love architectural umbrellas because they are easy to design and can also be joined to each other. Why go standard when you can have custom

Fabric Architect Custom Umbrellas




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Address: 89 Glenroy Road East
City/State/Zip: Fairfield / NJ / 07004
Phone: 973-244-5871
FAX: 973-244-5870
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Fabric Architect LLC makes structures for people who want one of a kind protection from the Elements (rain wind snow). We specialize in custom tensile fabric structures architectural umbrellas and recovers. We have a proven process for building complex tensile fabric roofs using a network of independent consultants and manufacturers. Architects Engineers Contractors and Business Owners call upon us to provide design assistance estimates preliminary loads fabric samples specifications foundation design fabrication or complete turnkey services.We deal in HDPE PVC PTFE and ETFE just to name a few. We work directly with clients or thru designers engineers manufacturers and contractors.