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Landscaping Boulders

Featherock natural pumice boulders can be easily shaped and carved with simple hand tools to create breathtaking fountains and waterfalls. Available in boulders up to 8 feet, Featherock is the easiest way to craft custom water features. Pumice is also naturally lightweight, and most pieces can be moved without heavy equipment.

Landscaping Boulders




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Featherock, Inc.

Address: 20219 Bahama St.
City/State/Zip: Chatsworth / CA / 91311
Phone: 800-423-3037
FAX: 818-882-9643
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Go natural with Featherock landscaping boulders and building veneers. Rugged in appearance light in weight and enduing in character Featherock provides both material and working cost advantages. They come in harmonizing colors of silver grey and charcoal. Available in many sizes nationwide.