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D Series

The D series offers a safer pool experience for your family, friends and the environment. UV light helps to inactive algae, viruses and microorganisms. Installing a UV system can reduce chemical usage and helps breaks down chlorine by-products called chloramines. Chloramine exposure commonly leads to stinging (red) eyes, skin irritations, asthma and allergies. Sizing your UV system is important and based on the flowrate. Models in this series range from 46 - 110 gallons per minute. The D series is similar to the E series, however this series offers inline hardwired integration to perform automated treatment. The E series is a plug & play operation that runs independently from other treatment equipment.?????_

D Series




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Fountain Tek

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In late 2008 in the middle of the building industry downfall Everett Fuller and Michael Weida moved forward creating a quality product line of components for the pool and fountain contractors.

With global manufacturing partnerships simple designs reasonable pricing sales offices across the USA Sunbelt ready to ship inventory Fountain Tek has emerged as a major supplier of fountain components and accessories.

Our 35 years39 experience in the swimming pool spa fountain and spray ground industry quality product and knowledge makes a strong contribution to our success Fountain Tek.