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Protects, home from rodents and pests

FreeFlow provides nice profit margin opportunities for wholesalers and retailers. We are currently lining up distributor relationships. If you are a wholesaler or retailer, please contact us at: Protects the home from rodents and pests infiltrating the drainage system. Protect your pipes against rats, snakes, rodents, and other nesting animals.

Protects, home from rodents and pests




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Address: 4326 Navajo Ave
City/State/Zip: Oceanside / CA / 92056-3266
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The product is a simple, self contained device that is installed into drainage systems with no tools. The product collapses to fit in pipes draining onto the street and once in place expands to lock into the drain. The simple trap door on the front of the product allows water, debris and other effluent to flow uninhibited out of the drain. When the device is not draining water, the flap prevents pests from entering the drainage system. The advantage of the product is that it effectively covers the drain hole preventing intrusion and has minimal flow restriction.