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Internal Cam Cleat Vertical Wall Mount Series

The Internal Halyard Vertical Wall Mount Series brings the security of the Sentry Series to a Vertical Wall Mount, Cam Cleat design. This design provides a more aesthetic appearance to the installed flagpole by replacing the external Rope Halyard and Cleat associated with standard external Wall Mount installations.


Patented, Heavy-Duty Gold Anodized Aluminum Ball
Cast Aluminum Revolving Truck with SEALED Stainless Steel Bearing Assemblies, Aluminum Spindle, Cast Brass Exit Bushing and Removable Hood
Complete Internal Halyard Assembly
Rope Halyard ñ 5/16" #10 Wire Center Polyester
Flag Arrangement (8' x 12' Flags and Above with Heavy-Duty Shock Spring Assembly)
Two (2) Stainless Steel Swivel Flagsnaps with Neoprene Flagsnap Covers
Patented, Plastic Coated Counterweight
Two (2) Beaded Retainer Ring Assemblies
Cam Cleat
Reinforced Rasied Door Frame
Flush Mount Access Door with Lock and Keys

Internal Cam Cleat Vertical Wall Mount Series




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