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Traffic Signs

Gopher Sign Company has been manufacturing traffic, parking and street signage for nearly a century. We specialize in manufacturing signs that are customized around the specific needs of our customers, while still being in full compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. No project is too large or too small.

Traffic Signs




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Gopher Sign Company

Address: 1310 Randolph Ave
City/State/Zip: Saint Paul / MN / 55105
Phone: 952-854-1978
FAX: 651-699-3727
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Gopher Sign Company is a 95 year old signage company that understands the meaning of quality and outdoor durability. Historically we have focused on producing traffic-related signage for municipal county state and federal government customers. These signs have endured grueling sun sleet hail wind freezing temperatures and desert heat for years without failing standing the test of time.With the advent of digital imaging the possibility of full color outdoor signage evolved. HPL fiberglass embedment and polycarbonate signs began to appear in parks and museums everywhere. While these technologies played a vital role in bringing color signage outdoors they had inherent limitations and were quite expensive.Gopher Sign Company committed significant resources and three years of RD in partnership with a large coatings company to develop a new lower cost digital sign printing technology that lasts for 10 years without fading cracking peeling or delaminating. This new technology trademarked ImageLOC has opened the door to producing durable full-color outdoor signage on a more economical basis.Whether your signage needs involve screen printing or full color digital imaging Gopher Sign Company has the experience and technology to guarantee success.