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Greenfields' Functional Fitness Rig - Now with new features!

Greenfields' Functional Fitness Rig has been enhanced with new features including ring rows, high rings, an s-shaped pull-up bar, and suspension trainers. Now with the ability to serve up to 17 people at one time, this unit will be sure to help generate social ineraction among park visitors.

Greenfields' Functional Fitness Rig - Now with new features!




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Greenfields Outdoor Fitness, Inc.

Address: 2617 West Woodland Drive
City/State/Zip: Anaheim / CA / 92801
Phone: 888-315-9037
FAX: 886-308-9719
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Greenfields Outdoor Fitness designs unique outdoor gyms with myriads of activities for users at all fitness levels. Greenfields Signature Accessible line offers fantastic equipment for wheelchair users and the adjustable Professional Series units provide adjustable resistance for a customized workout. A free fun outdoor gym is the 1 community amenity!