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100% Post Consumer Plastic Root Barrier

Certified recycle from California. Landfill diversion LEED points qualifier. Color: Generic Carbon Foot Print Avoidance

100% Post Consumer Plastic Root Barrier



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Greywater Irrigation

Address: 12020 Centralia Road
City/State/Zip: Hawaiian Gardens / CA / 90716
Phone: 213-985-4122
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Greywater Irrigation for lawns and lush landscapes manufacture of equipment and consulting. Both subsurface irrigation pipe for untreated greywater/alternative water or NSF 350 equipment. Create lush lawns and landscapes with greywater without MWELO water limitations. Your clients are asking for it we are here to help you be the superhero in Greywater/Alternative water irrigation.

Your suggested target clients

1) Environmentally aware clients who want their green lawns but feel bad about the potable water wasted.

2) LEED building developers with zero potable water objectives and

3) New buildings in Los Angeles that are greywater ready.

Greywater used shower water laundry water bathroom sink and air condition condensation.

We help you bring water solutions to the client that go beyond basic water conservation and more into zero potable water landscapes. Serving national landscaper and designers from Hawaiian Gardens California. Sign up at our website for local hands-on training installations.

Tell us your challenges in keeping landscapes green we want to help. We believe in very green landscape environments to clean our urban air from fine particulates and carbon to keep our urban centers cool and capture rain from natural plant infrastructure and providing eatable landscape plants at all opportunities.


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