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Cylinder GrinderMinders

The Cylinder GrinderMinder is a new addition to our product line. It is a beautiful, contemporary look that can add an element of interest to your hard scapes. It is installed straight into the surface, with the same intelligent stem design as our original GrinderMinder. When installed with the supplied plastic locking shim and epoxy, the Cylinder GrinderMinders will last for the life of the project. The sleek new Cylinder design is based on the original GrinderMinder and features a contemporary lower profile ?flat top?. Just like the original GrinderMinder, it looks great and secures well into edges of concrete or stone benches, walls and planters. The drum shaped top is 1_x 1_ with an 1.25_ stem.

Cylinder GrinderMinders


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Grind to a Halt, Inc.

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Skateboard damage is costly and can easily be stopped with GrinderMinders attractive durable sleekly designed skateboard deterrents that keep quality and style in mind. We offer many finishes to suit your needs - a brushed stainless or subtle black oxide finish both in solid stainless steel or an eye-catching brass GrinderMinder. In addition we can custom machine pieces in a material of your choice. Your handrails can also be protected with our aluminum or stainless steel Handrail Minders which will fit any type of handrail. Visit our website to see more. Request a FREE SAMPLE by calling us or submitting the request form from our website. Dont settle for industrial looking designs that are easily removed when you can have GrinderMinders -beautiful and vandal-resistant pieces that are a strikingly smart solution to an ugly problem.


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