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DWS SERIES Dirty Water Irrigation Valves
DW-PRV SERIES Dirty Water Pressure Reducing
For maximum performance at an economical price, no other remote-control irrigation valve can compare to the self cleaning Griswold DW Series valve. The DW Series valve is the sensible choice regardless of your water source. Even potable water will eventually clog the types of screens found in other"contamination proof" valves. This translates into more maintenance work and more long term cost. The unique Griswold Design allows the bronze-body DW Series valve to serve dependably under the most adverse conditions. Sludge, algae, silt, and other contaminants have no effect on the valve action. There are no filters or screens to clean, and no vulnerable exterior tubing to be damaged or deteriorate. The entire diaphragm-control mechanism is contained within the valve itself. Each time the valve opens or closes the pilot orifice is wiped clean. A tapered metering pin controls the opening and closing speed of the valve eliminating any possibility of water hammer or chattering.
Ideal for use with reclaimed or "Dirty" water
Ideal For:
Residential and Commercial Landscapes
Municipal Landscapes & Parks
School & University Landscapes
Golf Courses
Hospitality Industry Landscapes




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Griswold Controls

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Griswold Controls manufacturers a complete line of brass and cast iron valves the DW and 2000 series ideal for golf courses and commercial landscapes. These industrial strength valves are perfect for reclaimed or dirty water and all models are available with an optional industry standard purple handle. Griswold Controls valves are pressure regulating slow closing and contain no plastic components.