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Endwall/Headwall Forms

Hartman Products, LP manufacturers and sells plastic stay-in-place forms for endwalls/headwalls and small retaining walls. These forms are lightweight and look like hand laid stone walls. These forms are then filled with stone, sand or concrete to give them weight and structure.

Endwall/Headwall Forms




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Hartman Products, LP

Address: P.O. Box 7702
City/State/Zip: Pittsburgh / PA / 15215
Phone: 412-968-5774
FAX: 412-968-5989
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We manufacture a polyethylene stay-in-place form for endwalls or headwalls. The walls can be filled with anything from concrete to sand to stone to a recyclable material like crushed glass. It has a stone like appearance and comes in the color gray. In addition the sectional pieces can be used for small retaining walls or for rain barrels.