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Nation's Tallest Fountain

The nation's tallest fountain at 630 feet. Hydro Dramatics masterpiece of design and engineering. Imagine what they can do for you. State-of-the-art fountain engineering. Fountains designed, built, and installed across the country

Nation\'s Tallest Fountain




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Hydro Dramatics

Address: 1228 South Eighth Street
City/State/Zip: Saint Louis / MO / 63104
Phone: 314-231-9806
FAX: 314-231-5844
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Hydro Dramatics the fountain division of Missouri Machinery Engineering Co. began in 1971. Since then the company has designed and supplied fountain systems across the United States and abroad. You can rely on Hydro Dramatics for state-of-the-art quality and high engineering standards. Your Vision - Our Expertise Our goal is to design the best systems to make your dreams come to life!