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Bollard Covers & Sign Solutions

The Original Bollard Cover Company and the creator of the dome top bollard cover; we also offer portable sign bases, electric car charging stations, bollard sign systems, architecturally-friendly decorative bollard covers - all perfect for any commercial landscaping project.

Bollard Covers & Sign Solutions




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Ideal Shield

Address: 2525 Clark Street
City/State/Zip: Detroit / MI / 48209-1355
Phone: 313-842-7290
FAX: 313-842-7860
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Vendor Information:
Ideal Shield is the manufacturer of the Original Bumper Post Sleeve the strongest Guardrail on the market and a variety of Handrail systems. Our patented line of products saves time money and maintenance by eliminating the need to paint.We continue to be the industry leader in facility maintenance solutions with a long list of acclaimed products which also includes sign bases goal posts (door guarding) column wraps clearance bars and more. With hundreds of styles available in a variety of sizes and colors we continually meet the needs of any facility. Our variety of Decorative Bollard Cover designs are perfect for any landscaping project that needs to be aesthetically pleasing!