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Phifertex Plus White fabric in 20'x20'

This free-standing steel frame accompanied by Infinity Canopy leaves this magnificent outdoor space open and inviting. The custom design allows for perfect shade coverage without a pergola obstructing any views from this spacious backyard.

Phifertex Plus White fabric in 20'x20' covers this patio, giving it a simple, modern design with a sleek finish that is ideal for entertaining on the hottest of days or after the sun has gone down.

Phifertex Plus White fabric in 20'x20'


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Infinity Canopy, Inc.

Address: 11661 San Vicente Blvd. Ste 301
City/State/Zip: Los Angeles / CA / 90049
Phone: 844-422-6679
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The patented Infinity Canopy is the most dynamic and versatile slide on wire canopy in the world! Its modular design allows it to adapt to any space be configured in one or multiple colors and change within minutes to create new designs and patterns- even on existing pergolas!

Slide on wire canopies have become a common part of modern outdoor design for their simplicity beauty and ability to provide shade when needed and to retract easily when desired. However they have many draw backs because they are custom made. To fit properly they require precise pre-measurement fabric and color selection fabrication and finally installation. Once installed the custom canopies can not be modified and any repairs (if possible) require a trip back to the shop. Infinity has solutions for change to these problems.

Infinity Canopys patented design replaces the custom canopies with an infinitely versatile customizable and adaptable modular shade system that can be added to any structure - in any size and in one or multiple colors. Using readily available parts and shade panels Infinity Canopy eliminates production time simplifies installation and provides a superior product at a fraction of a custom canopys cost. Perfect for any outdoor dining living lounge space as well as providing canopy covers for pergolas.

Infinity Canopy can easily be installed on pergolas between two opposing structures on free-standing structures/beams etc. Open it to up to enjoy the outdoors in full shade and retract it to enjoy the open air with a full view of the sky.

Infinity Canopy is the only shade system that can be modified after installation to allow new and unique designs to be created within minutes for any taste style and need. Repairs (if needed) can easily be done on site with replacement parts. There is never a need to send anything back!


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