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Decorative Drainage System

A decorative, yet functional option for transforming a drainage system into a design feature that augments the look of its surroundings, much like any designer plumbing or electrical fixture inside of a home. Made from durable cast iron, aluminum, or bronze, Iron Age Designs are made specifically to fit the most widely used trench and drain bodies for lawns, patios, around houses, and in driveways.

Decorative Drainage System




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Iron Age Designs

Address: 2104 SW 152nd Street, Suite 4
City/State/Zip: Seattle / WA / 98166
Phone: 206-276-0925
FAX: 206-257-0318
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Iron Age designs and manufactures decorative drain grates tree grates and site furnishings for public spaces and residential use. Made in the USA our artfully designed trench and catch basin grates are engineered to fit the most widely used drain bodies on the market today including ABT ACO NDS and Zurn. All grates are ADA compliant and heel proof options are also available.Iron Age grates can be specified during the project planning phase or retro-fitted into existing installations adding an ornamental element to any hardscape environment. We also partner with architects designers artists and municipalities to create custom castings in iron bronze and aluminum. Find out how Iron Age can help inform and inspire your creativity.