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Free Standing Trellis

Free Standing Trellis System by Jakob is a simple way to help you beautify your home. It's designed for indoors and outdoors and requires no maintenance. The Product is made using marine grade AISI 316 stainless steel. You can cover an area of 39 1/2 in. W x 79 in. H.

Free Standing Trellis




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Jakob, Inc.

Address: 2665 NW 1st Ave
City/State/Zip: Boca Raton / FL / 33431
Phone: 561-330-6502
FAX: 561-330-6508
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Vendor Information:
Jakob has been providing design solutions and products for over 100 years in more than 55 countries. We are the worldwide leader in manufacturing custom-made stainless steel wire rope nets rods fasteners and fittings-all in top quality AISI 316. Our products fully comply with ISO and DIN standards. Our wire ropes webnet rods and fasteners can be used for various applications including railing balustrades shelving and sign stanchions safety netting training systems and trellises for green facades as well as other structural applications such as canopies and tensioning supports. The applications are limited only by your imagination!