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Beckstone PEBBLES

Beckstone PEBBLES is the ideal light forfountains, ponds, waterscapes, splash protections along walls and fences with a natural project design. Like all Beckstones PEBBLES is completely solid and waterproof. The polymer-concrete bottom makes it easy to install and protects it against the impact of surrounding stones and works as a theft protection. PEBBLES comes in 2 slightly different shapes to make it absolutely naturally looking in daylight in a setting with more than one PEBBLES next to each other. Available in 3" and 3.5" length.

Beckstone PEBBLES




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JoBe Lighting

Address: 649 Mission St, 5th floor
City/State/Zip: San Francisco / CA / 94105
Phone: 800-770-1794
FAX: 805-715-9625
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Vendor Information:
JoBe Lighting is committed to commercial grade paver lights since LED were invented. We take full advantage of the LED-technology (cUL-listed)and designed the solid rock resin and polymer concrete around the LED-module (IP68). With strong expertise in mold construction we offer more than 14 different standard sizes 8 color options and three surface textures. We are your project partner serving our customers with installation recommendations and drawings for all kinds of installations. We manufacture 100 percent in Germany shipping internationally with short lead times.