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Soil Moist Paks Polymer

Soil Moist Paks Polymer


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JRM Chemical, Inc.

Address: 4881 Neo Parkway
City/State/Zip: Cleveland / OH / 44128
Phone: 216-475-8488
FAX: 216-475-6517
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Soil Moist water management polymers. Soil Moist is designed to reduce plant waterings by 50 and last 3-5 years in the soil. Five grade sizes for all horticultural/landscape applications. The Fines 50-500 microns are for bare-root dipping of plants. Hydro 100-700 microns is for amending mulch mixes in hydroseeding. It increases water retention in the mulch matrix which is more condusive for seed germination. Granular grade sizes of 1-2mm 2-4mm and 2000-4000 are used to amend soils when planting. Soil Moist Polymers are available with timed release fertilizers in granular and disk form. Full line of mycorrhizal products which increase plant growth and establishment with less water and fertilizer requirements. Products increase the root mass and enhance plant growth. Several formulations available for all landscape applications. Mycorrhizal products contain a diverse mix of endo/eco mycorrhizal fungi with and effective biostimulant formulation. Full line of anionic linear polymers to reduce soil erosion in landscape and hydroseeding applications. Erosion tablets and some powders are used to treat turbid water in holding ponds streams and water discharge sites.