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BK-KR Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller

K-Rain’s BL-KR battery operated bluetooth controller has an updated application and web platform, uniting users with new productivity and asset management tools.
Experience desktop control to centrally program and manage hundreds of BL-KR timers
View individual or all devices on a map, and geo-locate them on an interactive map using a smartphone, tablet or web browser
Back up program information remotely and restore programs from your desktop
Remotely push schedule changes from our secure cloud to the BL-KR App, immediately notifying field technicians updated programming is available
Communicates directly with most smartphones/tablets
IP68 certified 100% waterproof and fully submersible- ruggedly designed for installation in the valve box n
Molded out of UV resistant, high impact ABS resin
Eliminates need to purchase expensive remotes nIdeal for isolated/remote valve boxes where running power is expensive/difficult
Ideal for multi-housing developments with shared point of source or for splitting/adding zones when all stations have been used on a conventional controller
Eliminates long wire runs to controller or expensive increase in wire gauge size due to voltage drop issues
Non-volatile memory will save programming in case of battery failure. Remote program back-up to the cloud available.
Rain/freeze sensor ready

BK-KR Battery Powered Bluetooth Controller



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K-Rain is one of the worlds foremost manufacturers of Gear Driven Rotors Sprinklers Sprays Controllers and Valves for the commercial and residential irrigation markets. With more than 100 patents and over 40 years of industry experience our advanced design and engineering have made K-Rain products the easiest to install set and use.