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Canyon Stone Patio Stone

Canyon Stone Patio Stone - the multi-piece design, and natural slate finish, of Keystone Canyon Patio Stone allows for the easy creation of patios and walkways; radiating a warmth and casual elegance.

Canyon Stone Patio Stone




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Keystone Retaining Wall Systems

Address: 4444 W. 78th St.
City/State/Zip: Minneapolis / MN / 55435
Phone: 952-897-1040
FAX: 952-897-3858
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Since 1986 Keystone Retaining Wall Systems LLC has set the worldwide standard for excellence and innovation in the hardscapes industry. As the first US segmental retaining wall company Keystone has grown its product portfolio to include not only the best structural retaining wall solutions but also the most innovative and attractive landscape and do-it-yourself products. From retaining wall units to patio stones pavers edgers and outdoor living element designs Keystone products and services offer the best site solutions for governmental commercial/ industrial recreational public works and residential applications.