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Pendant Luminaires

We provide a vast array of decorative outdoor pendant luminaires commonly used for roadway lighting, parking lots, walkways, waterfronts and recreational areas. Our portfolio of products containing timeless designs are suitable for historical or contemporary spaces, with premium quality as our top priority. Our LED Advanced Technology offers exceptional light quality, long usable life, energy efficiency, durability, and compatibility with controls; all of which can help cut down on energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs.

Pendant Luminaires




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King Luminaire Company, Inc.

Address: 1153 State Route 46N
City/State/Zip: Jefferson / OH / 44047
Phone: 8002687809
FAX: 905-632-8116
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Established in 1953 the StressCrete Group is the oldest most experienced manufacturer of spun concrete poles in North America producing an extensive line of ornamental and street lighting standards power distribution and transmission poles sports lighting poles as well as a line of specialty poles which are ideally suited for camera and solar applications as well as high-mast lighting.