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Play Planetarium

Play Planetarium is a unique play and learning environment that can fit 30 kids inside and another 19 children around the outside. This STEM-focused dome is multi-functional play /educational equipment consisting of nets, ladders and climbing walls. Explore the night sky inside Play Planetarium, as the northern hemisphere celestial patterns are repeated accurately within the dome. Sunlight shines through the star-shaped holes in the dome, and thus creates glittering stellar patterns on the dome ceiling and floor. Children will learn to recognize different constellations and practice navigation with stars. Above, the dome is made for climbing.

Play Planetarium

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Lappset is one of the leading manufacturers of playground and sport park equipment worldwide. We make high-quality products that are hard-wearing and long-lasting and take account of the needs of users of different ages. Our products are safe as they are designed in accordance with European safety standards. Our range of custom products makes us a pioneer in play and sport solutions for those who want playgrounds that stand out. Our senior parks support active ageing and psychological and physical well-being. Our versatile range of park and street furniture provides rest and relaxation and opportunities for socializing.


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