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Liquid 6

Liquid 6 is the premier liquid and soil conditioner with 6% humic acid. Derived from Humic Shale ore, low in ash, without fillers, binders or other additives, it can be safely applied at any time during the growing season without risk of burning. Liquid 6 may increase the uptake of nutrients. Because it contains only aged ancient plant matter, Liquid 6 is safe to use around pets and children, unlike other substances and brands. Liquid 6 is listed for organic production with CDFA, Washington Dept of Ag, and OMRI.

Liquid 6



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Live Earth Products, Inc.

Address: 400 South 200 East
City/State/Zip: Emery / UT / 84522
Phone: 435-286-2222
FAX: 435-286-2322
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Live Earth Products Inc. is a premier producer of humic and fulvic based soil amendments and fertilizers. Using our Carbon Balanced technology we create fertilizers that are ideal for landscape use. Available in liquid and granular.