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Residential Inclined Elevators

Design, engineering, manufacturing. With over 28 years of experience, we are THE inclined elevator company to contact for seamless hillside accessibility in any residential and commercial landscape project. Like us on Facebook!

Residential Inclined Elevators



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Marine Innovations, Inc.

Address: 908 W Maine Ave, P.O. Box 446
City/State/Zip: Frazee / MN / 56544-0446
Phone: 218-334-4666
FAX: 218-334-4670
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Marine Innovations Inc. is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art inclined elevators. Each of our elevators is custom designed and engineered to suit the needs of that specific hillside property. Commercial and residential applications are available. We use only the highest grade industrial components and have a patented braking system. Ideal for ADA requirements. Marine Innovations incline elevators are the best-built lift system on the market. Free on-site estimates are available. CALL TODAY!!