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Modern Drainage Systems

The world has changed a lot sense the sands of the desert covered the pyramids The Egyptians used rock for their drainage, so did modern man until about forty years ago. Now its modern plastic's (general term) and the like. The new materials pioneered by Mr Joseph Gasser have made possible better drainage for fluids and/or gasses.
They are:
• Easier to manufacture
• Less costly - minimal equipment and labor
• Cheaper to ship
• Less damage to the environment on installation
• Manufactured any size, shape or volume
• Can be manufactured from many different materials
• Can be and are made in just about any configuration. From dams to Custer's Battlefield
• No project is too big or to small
• No volume to big, or shape and size is wrong
• Use your imagination
• Last and last

Modern Drainage Systems



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We provide modern up to date prefabricated composite drainage systems.

If you have a reasonable water or soil-gas problem we have a solution we can also deal with the unreasonable ones. Contact us today for assistance in dealing with your unique drainage problem.

Our composite drainage systems are divided into three Series.

Surface Drainage Deals with anything within the top two feet of medium.

Subsurface Drainage Anything that is usually lower than two feet deep and not immediately effected by rain or snow.


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