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Abacide™ 2 - Very fast uptake with long residual

Abacide™ 2 is a more concentrated abamectin insecticide for use on forest, woodland, Christmas and ornamental trees. It is available in fully enclose capsules which can be applied in commercial or residential landscapes, interior and exterior plantscapes, and other areas including near swimming pools, waterways, schools and busy streets, and also in 1 liter bottles for use in other injection systems. Spring or summer applications are recommended and can be made prior to pest appearance or after they are observed. Abacide™ 2 controls spider mites, elm leaf beetle, sycamore lace bug, Lepidoptera insects such as fall web worm and eastern tent caterpillar. Faster control time and a longer residual period are just two added benefits.

Abacide™ 2 - Very fast uptake with long residual



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Mauget has been protecting and treating trees around the world for over fifty years. Maugets micro-infusion system combines proven chemistries and a completely enclosed application method that has redefined the tree care industry with minimal risk to the applicator or the environment. The trusted Mauget product line includes fertilizers fungicdes insecticides micro-nutrients and combination products.