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Dinocide Hp

Mauget??????s newest tree injection insecticide product DINOCIDE Hp is a CAUTION labeled insecticide containing 12% Dinotefuran in in high volume one liter and 500 mL bottles as Ready-to-Use chemistry for application with re-loadable tree injection equipment (such as the ChemJet, QuikJet or Tree IV, etc.) . Dinotefuran, its active ingredient is a translaminar that can pass from a tree??????s xylem (the layer in a tree that circulates water from the roots) to its phloem (the tree layer nearest the bark which transports sugars from the plant??????s leaves). This capability makes DINOCIDE uniquely effective against pests like certain boring insects which do their damage in the phloem layer. Dinocide is for use on forests, parks, and ornamental trees. DINOCIDE can yield results in as little as three (3) days.

Dinocide Hp




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Mauget has been protecting and treating trees around the world for over fifty years. Maugets micro-infusion system combines proven chemistries and a completely enclosed application method that has redefined the tree care industry with minimal risk to the applicator or the environment. The trusted Mauget product line includes fertilizers fungicdes insecticides micro-nutrients and combination products.