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Hesperaloe parviflora 'Perpa' Brakelights® PP21729

This selection of Hesperaloe parviflora has traffic-stopping, vivid red flowers and a compact growth habit. It grows slowly to form a two-foot clump of narrow, leathery, blue-green leaves. This tough, low maintenance plant thrives in full sun and reflected heat, and is a durable choice for streetscapes and public spaces. It also shines as a specimen container plant. The species is native to Texas and northern Mexico, and survives in a wide range of climates and soils. The flowers attract hummingbirds.

Hesperaloe parviflora 'Perpa' Brakelights® PP21729


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As Mountain States Wholesale Nursery celebrates 48 years we extend our gratitude to all of our customers and friends who have supported and encouraged us through the years. There are many ways to measure progress and to us the most meaningful sign is the presence of previously unused desert plants in thoughtful landscapes throughout the Southwest. These landscapes range from large-scale projects to simple private gardens each quietly recognizing our deserts as places of great beauty diversity and well-springs of life.The use of desert-adapted plants as landscape materials has evolved from the selection of our durable natives which served to anchor difficult and demanding revegetation sites to an ongoing and continuous search for beauty color and variety. In todays landscapes our plant choices have broadened to include hues and forms which far surpass our earlier hopes of adding texture refinement brilliance-pizzazz if you will-to already proven durability.This evolution and refinement has progressed on many fronts in step with education and much like a partnership together they have established a foundation for greater appreciation and acceptance of desert-adapted plants across the southwestern United States.Without the educational programs sponsored by so many organizations and institutions and without the contributions of enthusiastic writers the knowledge and pleasure of landscaping with this diverse palette would have remained limited to isolated pockets of enthusiasts. Instead the combined efforts of many individuals have resulted in a unique plant palette that provides a distinct sense of place.To assist you in your selection process Mountain States Wholesale Nursery offers over 450 taxa of desert-adapted trees shrubs ornamental grasses accents flowering perennials groundcovers and vines. We specialize in providing landscape plants that combine beauty and water economy. It is our goal to provide quality plant material to allow the fulfillment of design concepts that reflect the spirit and the beauty of the desert.We cordially invite wholesale customers to visit out nursery explore the wide variety of possibilities found here and allow us to introduce you to our large inventory of landscape plants collected from the deserts of the world. Over 550 acres of growing grounds in Arizona give us the space to handle any order and our experienced staff provides professional personalized service to our customers.


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