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Vallarta Residential Spa

All Tiled Spa - Fits 4 Adults

Vallarta Residential Spa




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Nespa Tiled Spas

Address: 2800 Richter Ave., Suite C
City/State/Zip: Oroville / CA / 95966
Phone: 530-534-9910
FAX: 530-534-9915
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Vendor Information:
Nespa Tiled Spas is a premier manufacture of standard and custom all tiled or stone spas. All of our products are factory tiled in glass mosaic stone or slab material. Each Spa or swimspa mini-pool or fountain is free standing and self supporting. Each spa is operational upon delivery. We use the most advance computer software techniques to create 3d models and rendering images for the best visual presentation. Please call or email us with your project design for our 25 years of experience input.