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Netafim Self-Piercing Drippers

Easy-to-install Self-Piercing Drippers can be inserted into Netafim tubing and are a practical solutions for wide-spaced plantings and trees.
No tools required
For on-surface or sub-surface installations
Anti-siphon and pressure compensating
Exclusive TurboNet self-cleaning action

Netafim Self-Piercing Drippers



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Netafim USA

Address: 5470 E. Home Ave.
City/State/Zip: Fresno / CA / 93727
Phone: 559-453-6800
FAX: 559-453-6803
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Netafim USA is the industry leader in water conserving smart irrigation with dripline products for residential and commercial sites sports fields parks medians tennis courts golf courses rooftop gardens and more. Netafim dripline is now manufactured with recycled materials - an industry first.