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EnduraNet® Small Bird & Bat Netting

Perfect netting for small bird and bat exclusion projects. The smaller 9/16"(15mm) square, knotted netting mesh creates an impassible barrier that excludes both small and large pest birds as well as opportunistic bats. Made from UV stabilized, high density polyethylene (HDPE), EnduraNet has 6-ply strands to make it stronger and longer lasting than any other small mesh exclusion netting.

EnduraNet is a true square netting mesh. Unlike ‘rope' style nets, EnduraNet is folded and bundled square. To use it, simply unfold it and unroll it. No stretching to size, searching for corners or any other time wasting steps required by ‘rope' style netting. EnduraNet is an economical alternative to welded wire mesh. It outlasts and outperforms poultry wire installations. Because it is a multi-strand netting, it handles like a fabric and won't scratch hands or snag clothing like a metal mesh will.

EnduraNet® Small Bird & Bat Netting


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