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No Fault Safety Surface for Playgrounds

No Fault Safety Surface (NFSS) is comprised of the highest quality EPDM or TPV rubber granules blended with a polyurethane binder. NFSS is poured-in-place and professionally installed on site as a 2-layer system for playgrounds. The bottom impact absorbing layer is made of clean, recycled rubber buffing. The top decorative wear layer consists of high-quality EPDM or TPV rubber granules. The wear layer is available in a wide variety of color blends and provides the option to create fun theme shaped designs. The complete No Fault Safety Surface System is designed to provide a resilient, porous, and seamless playground safety surface, and is the absolute best playground safety surface available for fall protection and ADA accessibility.

No Fault Safety Surface for Playgrounds


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No Fault, LLC

Address: 3112 Valley Creek Drive, Ste C
City/State/Zip: Baton Rouge / LA / 70808
Phone: 225-215-7760
FAX: 225-291-3821
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No Fault Sport Group has been making and installing poured-in-place rubber safety surfacing for playgrounds jogging/walking tracks and splash pads for over 44 years! No Fault can also supply rubber safety tiles bonded and loose-fill rubber mulch rubber turf and synthetic turf.