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Aztec Calendar

This Aztec Calendar Concrete Stamp pattern comprises 5 separate interlocking stamp tools to create an impressive 84??? diameter depiction of the Aztec Sun Stone also known as the Aztec Calendar. These stamping tools were meticulously researched, crafted and created by our artisans based on the original stone calendar found beneath the central plaza of Mexico City in the 18th century. The monument is not a fully functioning calendar, but commemorates the five mythic world creations ???suns??? as depicted in the inner circle and then surrounded by a band of twenty glyphs with the names of the days of the week

Aztec Calendar




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Specializing in Tools and Supplies for the Decorative Concrete Contractor. We carry over 75 Stamp Texture patterns including many exclusive patterns and textures. Plus all the hand tools such as pounders specialty chisels release applicators and hand mats. Our Custom Shop can create any stamp tool pattern and texture limited only by your imagination. We stock 25 standard colors of Dust-on Color Hardener and 25 Colors of Powdered Antiquing Release. Check out our Pacific Formliner a re-usable polyethylene formliner for creating decorative pool coping steps and wall caps available in Fourteen Standard Profiles. This Formliner is flexible more durable and easier to use than any Styrofoam formliners.