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HF Installation - color

PERMEABLE BASE INSTALLATION ASTM C33 fine aggregate joint material. Hydro-Flo Technology Pavers. 1"-2" No 8 aggregate bedding course. 4"-6" No 57 stone open-graded base. 2"-3" No 2 drain stone Sub-Base (varies with design Native Soil Subgrade.)

HF Installation - color




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Pacific Interlock Pavers, Inc.

Address: 1895 San Felipe Rd.
City/State/Zip: Hollister / CA / 95023
Phone: 831-637-9163
FAX: 831-637-0756
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Pacific Interlock Pavers, Inc. is committed to preserving our natural resources which has led to a major breakthrough in paving stone production – Our patented Hydro-Flo Pavers are the ONLY TRULY PERMEABLE concrete paver on the market. With 100% surface permeability our patented pavers are strong enough to withstand residential and commercial vehicular use, and Fire Truck rated. Why should Hydro-Flo Pavers be specified rather than a poured concrete or a “Permeable Paver System” product, including standard pavers? Environmental Advantages - Controls storm water runoff, replenishes water to soil & aquifers, keeping pollutants out of storm drains and away from our streams and ocean. Supports All State Mandates — Various Comprehensive Water Packages — Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance, Meets BMP & NPDES criteria, LID and other criteria Safety Benefits - Our Hydro-Flo Pavers exceed all ADA standards for pavers including slip-resistance, friction/skid resistance plus there are no large gaps/spaces between our Hydro-Flo pavers to cause problems for wheelchairs, walkers and high heels, and they require far less maintenance than the gap style.