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Splash pad assembly U703, 40W,12VAC/VDC, RGB, DMX

Splash pad assembly with water switch & unmeiled # U703, 40W,12VAC/VDC, RGB, DMX, parallel or In Series
 3 color changing illumination.

Splash pad assembly U703, 40W,12VAC/VDC, RGB, DMX




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PEM Fountain Company

Address: 104 Newkirk RD.
City/State/Zip: Richmond Hill / ON / L4C 3G3
Phone: 905-737-7264
FAX: 905-884-8941
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PEM Fountain Co. Division of Imperial Irrigation CO. Ltd is a Manufacture of Equipment Parts for Water Features Water Displays Fountainssupplying it wholesale to the trades world wide.PEM Fountain Co. does not participate in bidding or contracting of any kind other than to supply PEM equipment.The trademark PEM is owned by this corporation and is the registered trademarkin major countries throughout the world identifying products manufacturered by this corporation.The website